The House of Lords Second Reading debate on the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill is scheduled for Wednesday 26th April (with the first day of the Committee stage due on 11th May).  So far, thirty-five members of the House have indicated that they wish to speak.

The list includes all of the former Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police (Lords Imbert, Condon, Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, and Blair of Boughton – the only time they have all spoken in the same debate).  Other former police officers include Lord Dear (a former Chief Constable and a former Assistant Commissioner of the Met), Baroness Jenny Hilton (a former Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner) and Lord Brian Mackenzie (a former President of the Police Superintendents’ Association).  Then there are two current Police Authority members (myself and Baroness Doocey) and at least three former members (Baroness Ruth Henig, Baroness Harris of Richmond (no relation) and Lord Bradshaw).  And a former Home Secretary, a former Chief Inspector of Prisons and so on and on.

It will make for an interesting debate and probably a difficult afternoon and evening for the Minister responding , Baroness Neveille-Jones.

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