A less than coherent performance from Mayor Boris Johnson as he announces that he is planning to stand again in 2012

Mayor Boris Johnson has a reputation as being a good media performer, but his appearance this morning on LBC with Nick Ferrari was hardly sparkling.  I gather even his handlers were dismayed.

He was anything but incisive in describing what he believes his Mayoralty has or will have achieved – despite the benefit of extensive crib sheets (from which he was obviously reading). 

He managed to make his so-called big announcement a model of rambling incoherence. 

And he was less than convincing in ruling out a challenge to David Cameron as Leader of the Conservative Party – utilising a strange metaphor about being decapitated by a frisbee.

It looks to me as if he’ll have to raise his game.  Maybe his performance today is the reason he has refused to respond to most journalists’ requests for interviews about his record.

Judge for yourself:

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