Inspector Gadget at the Police Inspector blog – after the usual rant about political correctness gone mad – has an interesting take on the lessons to be learnt from the awful murder of Joanna Yeates.  As he puts it:

“One set of people who certainly can not be considered as politically correct are the detectives investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates. They have gone and used the tried and tested CID strategy of ‘arresting the bloke with the silliest hair’, and nicked the landlord.

‘Mr Jefferies was vice chairman of his local Neighbourhood Watch, and an active member of Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society which campaigns to conserve buildings’. He is a former teacher and has been described as a ‘pillar of the community’.

Just the sort of person who might be elected as local police commissioner.”

No doubt, it’s a point that the House of Commons will bear in mind as it considers the new Policing and Social Responsibility Bill in Committee next month.

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