A personal blogging milestone – does it mean anything?

This morning the SlimStat function on WordPress informed me that this blog has now notched up more than 250,000 hits since I started up last October. The question for me is how pleased about this should I be. Does that quarter million mean that my investment (admittedly not huge) in time and effort into blogging has been worthwhile? Or have I created a pointless chore for myself? Is anyone (apart from me) really interested?

3 thoughts on “A personal blogging milestone – does it mean anything?”

  1. Hmmm, your webmanager would like to point out that the visitors stat is much more meaningful – 12627 individual visitors. A hit is for an individual file, not an individual person…

    However the blog has been covered by The Daily Telegraph, so it’s not doing badly at all… Some more links to other blog posts by other bloggers might make the stats go up still further.

  2. I certainly am interested – I’ve become a regular reader of your blog, even if I don’t comment much. Well, at all before now. But I do enjoy reading it!

  3. I enjoy your stuff for the most part, look forward to greater success for your blog, Toby.

    Are you able to track how many visitors you get?

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