A scary thought: the last time this happened ….

I have had a rather scary thought.

This evening there was a meeting of the Labour Peers’ Group.  Now normally I follow a strict rule that I never post on this blog about private meetings I have attended, nor reveal any privileged information I acquire on such occasions.  However, to explain my scary thought I have to reveal just a little about this meeting. (I promise I won’t deviate again.)

This evening’s meeting received an oral briefing from Black Rod, who is amongst other things responsible for security in the House of Lords and about which he was briefing colleagues.

I have just remembered the last time Black Rod (or rather his predecessor) attended a meeting of the Labour Peers. It was for a similar purpose.  And I remember on the previous occasion a number of (very) senior colleagues making scathing remarks about the need for any greater security in the Palace of Westminster (there was no repetition this evening I am pleased to say).

And the date of this previous visit? 

Wednesday 6th July 2005. 

Remember what happened the following morning ……

5 thoughts on “A scary thought: the last time this happened ….”

  1. Au contraire, as per the bomb I heard in Bristol c 1973, if I hear the bombs I know its lunatic terrorists, if I just see the chaos its car fanatics backed by their political organisation.

  2. A friend at primary school was particularly keen. But his bombs neither made much noise nor stopped any traffic.

    Nor did his politics.

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