A senior Tory talks sense about the 7/7 bombings

I have just heard the Rt Hon Michael Mates MP talking eminent sense of Radio 4’s World Tonight (he’s about 30 minutes in).  He is a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee (the Parliamentary Committee that oversees the Security Service and whose report “Could 7/7 have been prevented?” is published today).  His comments were measured and dispassionate.  They didn’t treat national security questions as a political football or an occasion for political point-scoring.  He was being statesmanlike and behaving responsibly – exactly what I suspect most members of the public would like to get from their MPs.

One thought on “A senior Tory talks sense about the 7/7 bombings”

  1. In the current climate of hue and cry Mates would have been despatched on a permanent basis in the ’90s when he was accused of taking Al Fayeed’s shillings I recall.

    Rehabilitation is a fine thing.

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