A strong message for Parliamentary colleagues from Lewisham East Labour Party

I have recently got home to North London from speaking at a meeting of Lewisham East Labour Party.  The meeting was fixed months ago and at that time there was no indication that the political scene would be quite so volatile, so the topic I had originally been asked to speak on – “the outlook for the London Council elections in 2010” – was hardly relevant.  Instead, I talked about the events of the last few weeks, leading up to today’s reshuffle and the implications of the local election results emerging since last night.

The discussion was lively and the prevailing message was that the disunity amongst members of the Parliamentary Labour Party must not continue.  Party members were divided on what they wanted to happen next, but all were clear that the crisis around the Leadership must be resolved within days.

Some commentators are tonight, of course, saying that following the reshuffle the Leadership crisis is over.  I am not so sure.  The European election votes have yet to be counted and it will be critical what the mood is when MPs return to Westminster on Monday and, in particular, what happens at the meeting that evening of the Parliamentary Labour Party (at which Gordon Brown will be speaking).  I wouldn’t like to predict how the next 72 hours will play out, but what I am clear about is that – whatever else happens – Lewisham East Labour Party members are right: the lack of unity must not be allowed to go on beyond the next few days.

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  1. I express my views on this unreasonably frequently on the Guardian and Indie:

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/users/quietzappple/comments (sometimes zzapp rather than zappp) quietzapple on the Indie and also on http://snowflake5.blogspot.com/

    Toby, there is no sensible alternative to Gordon Brown for the next couple of years. He is the best person for the job, proving that by getting the economy right, G20, and facing the abuse and libels as no-one else could.

    Those who do not agree must consider:

    The choice of when there is an election is only at the PM’s discretion if civil order is maintained in my view. A new PM might well be at risk of the Queen dissolving parliament if there were riots and other civil disobedience. The opposition’s extremists have sold secrets in defiance of the law, how much further they might go, fearing that D Miliband say
    might win . . .

    Brown can and is likely to win. The recession may be a w shaped one, who knows for sure, BUT it seems likely we shall be coming out of it in tikme for either a Nov / Mar election, and Brown and Straw will have a Bill of Rights on the statute book, likely other matters also, and Constitutional Reform will be in train. The recovery will be Brown / Darlings, another PM will not be able to claim the credit.

    While the BNP are likely to get 1 or 2 MEPs we much keep our cool and recall that the electoral system for Europe is designed to permit a chance for extreme monorities to obtain minor successes. London has not collapsed because Barnbrook is making a pillock of himself.

    We must keep our nerve and cool.

    I pray Brown will continue to do so.

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