Again Labour nationally should look to London

The European Election results are awful for Labour across the country so far.  However, I cannot help but notice that the results in London were still bad for Labour but not anything like as bad as those in Wales, the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber.  So far, the fall in the share of the vote in London is the lowest recorded in any region.  London is, of course, different, but maybe there is something about the London Labour Party that is working better with the electorate ….

3 thoughts on “Again Labour nationally should look to London”

  1. Conceivable, the loss of the mayoralcy may have had its role.

    It has scarcely been noted that the tories have only gained 0.8% vote share since the 2004 Euro elections, which gave them their lowest vote share in any national poll since 1832.

    Check the areas where the Lib Dems or UKIP were most successful and we find that almost ALL are areas the Tories would look to win.

    Labour was hit hardest by the Expenses / Allowances scandal because:

    As Harriet Harman pointed out people expect better of Labour, more people realised that Tories are scoundrels and so were less surprised.

    The Dully Tele published their attacks on Labour first, while the mud was fresh and most effective.

    Voters blame the governing party for almost anything, despite the fact that the reliance by MPs on expenses to top up their salaries which had been held back pour encourager les autres dates back to Thatcher; and the rules on expenses were customarily a matter to be sorted out by MPs. regardless of party, not a government matter surely?

    Gordon Brown’s colleagues look more impressive than before, there are grounds for optimism.

  2. In Islington (north London) we reached our lowest point seven years ago when we lost most of our seats on the Council. Since then we have regrouped and advanced, getting back to parity on the Council. In the European elections we topped the poll, increasing our vote, our percentage and turnout compared to the last Euros in 2004.

  3. I recall a day long visit by Gerald Kaufman to a CLP in Devon in the mid ’80s. He addressed a meeting of some 30 stalwarts at our HQ.

    “In Gorton it is easy to be a socialist” (He is MP for manchester Gorton.) “We can weigh the Labour votes, to see how ell we have done, no need to count them.”

    “In ************, I know, it is hard to be a socialist.” (I trust he will forgive any inaccuracies in my quotation)

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