An important new pamphlet address the BNP’s lies about British Muslims

The Quilliam Foundation has published an important new pamphlet, “In Defence of British Muslims: A response to BNP racist propaganda” by Lucy James.  This confronts the myths about British Muslims peddled by the BNP and starts the process by which the pernicious lies and myths that the BNP and others promote can be answered and debunked.

It should be essential reading for all political activists, for anyone who fancies themselves as “a thought leader”, and certainly for journalists and broadcasters.

It highlights the way in which the BNP conflates all Muslims with those small minority promoting an Islamist philosophy.  It draws the distinction between most adherents of Islam and those in the narrowly Conservative revisionist grouping that follow Wahhabism.

It demonstrates why rhetoric about the “Islamification” of Europe is a nonsense and comprehensively rebuts the lie that most British Muslims support terrorism.  It addresses the issues around Islam and the status of women, the attitude to non-Muslims, Sharia Law and the role of science.

Read it!

One thought on “An important new pamphlet address the BNP’s lies about British Muslims”

  1. I wasn’t that impressed by the Lucy James pamphlet. A couple of examples:

    “If, as the BNP claim, Islam is inherently imperialistic, the question remains as to why they didn’t actively convert all of the Hindus under their dominion to Islam.”

    The writer doesn’t seem to know the meaning of “imperialism” here. It has nothing to do with–necessarily–converting anyone; but means something like, “extending authority by territorial acquisition”. The Hindus could convert and become Muslims, or they had the option of paying the jizya tax and living as second-class citizens. What is imperialistic about Islam is that it went and conquered India in the first place. That it didn’t force everyone to convert is simply irrelevant.

    “Those religiously justified conquests of the medieval period that did take place need to be contextualised to all religions, not just attributed to Islam. This was the politics of many religions in the medieval period”

    Islam, as far as I know, is the ONLY major world religion with a theology of violence and imperialism like that. The Crusades, for example, had little to do with Christian theology although they were endorsed by the Christian authorities of the time. (Also, they were mostly just trying to take back land that had been conquered by Muslim jihad.)

    “That is not to say that the concept of jizyah should be revived…. the ultimate Islamic aim of freedom of religion has been attained and so it is no longer needed to ‘protect’ minority status with the jizyah.”

    The “ultimate Islamic aim of freedom of religion”? This is as dubious at it gets! As is well known, the religion of Islam kills apostates. Traditional Islam, mainstream Islam, kills its followers if they deconvert. Even if that only has minority support among Muslims living in Western countries, it’s still the “real Islam”.

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