The Quilliam Foundation has published an important new pamphlet, “In Defence of British Muslims: A response to BNP racist propaganda” by Lucy James.  This confronts the myths about British Muslims peddled by the BNP and starts the process by which the pernicious lies and myths that the BNP and others promote can be answered and debunked.

It should be essential reading for all political activists, for anyone who fancies themselves as “a thought leader”, and certainly for journalists and broadcasters.

It highlights the way in which the BNP conflates all Muslims with those small minority promoting an Islamist philosophy.  It draws the distinction between most adherents of Islam and those in the narrowly Conservative revisionist grouping that follow Wahhabism.

It demonstrates why rhetoric about the “Islamification” of Europe is a nonsense and comprehensively rebuts the lie that most British Muslims support terrorism.  It addresses the issues around Islam and the status of women, the attitude to non-Muslims, Sharia Law and the role of science.

Read it!

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