….. and what’s more they went to the toilet in the RBS

I am told that some of the protesters who broke into the RBS building on Wednesday used the place as a toilet.

No doubt Jenny Jones will see this as a reason why more portaloos should have been provided …..

And what exactly is the mindset of those protesting about global capitalism that suggests that the lucky recipients of the contents of their bowels should be the RBS cleaners (no doubt employed by contractors on the minimum wage) and those whose workstations were on the ground floor (hardly likely to be the high-paid decision-takers whom were the intended targets)?

One thought on “….. and what’s more they went to the toilet in the RBS”

  1. Disgusting.

    It may be that some of those who did this were caught short of course.

    Some criticisms of the police tactics include the way protesters are kept isolated from exits and facilities.

    There do seem to be more young people who will put their boots/shoes up on seats on busses these days. This sort of abuse of their fellows is becoming more common, and is mirrored by the endorsements of posters’ obscene abuse by professional bloggers on the Daily Telegraph for example.

    The coarsening of our National Life often seemed to be promoted by Rupert Murdoch and his works, but I suppose it is far more general.

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