And while I am in “Told You So” mode: in August 2009 I asked would a Cameron/Osborne Government plunge the UK into deep recession?

I am in “I told you so” mode.  In August 2009 – months before the General Election – I asked the question:

Would a Cameron/Osborne Government plunge the UK back into deep recession?

I described this as

The nightmare scenario


“I have had a nightmare:  David Cameron and the Conservatives win a General Election next summer, despite slow but steady improvement in the UK economy; George Osborne is appointed Chancellor and slashes public spending and hikes the VAT rate up to 20%; and then it all gets a whole lot worse ….”

Now, as we listen to George Osborne and Government Ministers softening us up for next week’s Autumn Statement and the acknowledgement that we are heading for a double-dip recession, it is no consolation to realisation that my nightmare seems to be coming true.

4 thoughts on “And while I am in “Told You So” mode: in August 2009 I asked would a Cameron/Osborne Government plunge the UK into deep recession?”

  1. You were not alone:

    “This latter seems to have been removed from his cv on Wiki but some of us have long enough fangs that we recall Thatcher’s lies and Howe’s doubling of VAT after their 1979 election victory. (Osborne’s “Scandals” have resumed that heading on WIKI, no longer “Controversies”)
    Puts this into context, then – eh?

    “Whether they use the recession and national debt as excuses for their policies to suit their interests (Multi-millionaires) and their Masters’ interests (Billionaires like Ashcroft and Laidlaw, media barons like the barclays, Desmond and Murdoch) it would be the poor what gets the blame . . .”

    They are well placed for their rebalancing towards indirect taxation if they survive the recession.

  2. Isn’t it the one day strike by public sector workers that’s causing the downturn in growth. That and the Royal Wedding and the wrong kind of snow. Do the ofsted reports on Eton give outstanding to the teaching of economics or should that be freeconomics…

  3. Osborne attended St Pauls. At the time I didn’t fancy the travelling/boarding or parting from my primary school cohort. As it is I’m not stigmatised by sharing his secondary school, Brians Jones and May went to mine 😉

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