Anti-London bias by BBC Weather

Am I alone in being perpetually irritated by BBC Weather – both on the radio and on television?  Not about the content or accuracy of the forecasts themselves, but about their perpetual bias against London.  Always, there is a lengthy description of the weather conditions in the furthest reaches of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and then only a cursory mention of London and the South East (even then often subsumed in a general reference to England).

Isn’t it about time that BBC Weather (and for that matter most other allegedly UK institutions) realised that there are more people living in London than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined.

4 thoughts on “Anti-London bias by BBC Weather”

  1. There were some complaints of the lack of reporting of Scotland etc so now the bbc have gone totally over the top in reporting Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    England does not seem to exist, and also we have weather reports on radio 4 almost following one another.

  2. Hang on a minute… If you live in an isolated house on a wind-swept dale then the weather that day is surely more important to you than if you live in London and you spend most of the time in an office or the Underground.

    You can also listen to Peter Cockroft on BBC London instead, explaining a 1 degree difference between Croydon and Milton Keynes…

  3. I’m surprised that the weather was all you blogged about on the Ministry of Justice announced your appointment as the Chair of a the new Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody. Congratulations!

  4. I suppose my natural modesty (sic) made me reluctant to blog about my appointment. However, in response to your prompt, I have now done so.

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