Apparently there is a plan to “kettle” senior police and Metropolitan Police Authority tomorrow

I understand that various groups are planning to be present in force at tomorrow morning’s meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority at City Hall.  This will be the first major public occasion when members of the Authority will question the leadership of the Metropolitan Police about the policing of the G20 demonstrations and the death of Ian Tomlinson.  Sky News is planning to broadcast the meeting live and there are rumours that some demonstrators are planning to try and “kettle” the MPA inside City Hall.  No doubt this will turn into great theatre and some MPA colleagues may be tempted to play to the gallery.  However, whatever happens, I hope it does not obscure the very important process of – in public – seeking answers from the Metropolitan Police about the tactics of policing the G20 demonstrations, the nature of the briefings given to officers, the extent to which front-line supervisors were supervising what happened and so on. 

We will see. 

What is a certainty is that the meeting, which was originally planned by Uber Vice Chairman, Kit Malthouse AM, as a celebration of Mayor Boris Johnson’s first year as Mayor and his successes in policing, will not spend long discussing the final draft of MetForward the statement of the new administration’s vision for policing in London.

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