Are the changes in voter registration designed to help the Conservatives as changes in voter ID laws in the USA are designed to help the Republicans?

The Government is pushing through changes to voter registration in this country.  This will mean that each elector will have to fill in a separate registration form – a change from the current arrangements where only one form per household is required.  This is allegedly designed to reduce electoral fraud.

Interestingly, these same arguments are used by Republicans to justify changes in voter ID rules in key states in the United States

And here is the Pennsylvania Republican House Leader boasting to his State Republican Party that the real purpose was to ensure that Romney wins Pennsylvania this November:

With research suggesting that the numbers on the electoral register will plummet under the proposed new arrangements in this country, can we expect a gung-ho David Cameron boasting to a future Conservative Party Conference that the Electoral Registration and Administration Bill (interestingly introduced in the House of Commons by Nick Clegg) will deliver a future Tory election victory?

5 thoughts on “Are the changes in voter registration designed to help the Conservatives as changes in voter ID laws in the USA are designed to help the Republicans?”

  1. Yes they are. However that is a corollary of disenfranchising the poor, the mobile – the underclass or untermenschen. If those who are being persecuted by these rich toff wannabe billionaires cannot vote that anger will be expressed in other ways.

  2. Amusingly localish police are carrying out routine checks on a friendly flatmate whose job is to involve slightly sensitive material, very obliquely (he plugs computers in etc).
    They require of him DoB etc of his flatmates.
    I was security cleared for a job in the early ’70s which meant I knew which Barclays etc bank alarms were working and which not. They even found out I’d been on the 1962 Aldermaston march. No prying into flatmates’ details.
    Flatmate says all info destroyed after his application is dealt with. I’d rather have ID cards than all this piffle, which is quite likely to end up with credit rating agencies I suspect.
    So we have to go further out if our ways to get on the Electoral Roll/s, but are expected to stand up, salute and answer their questions when they want to waste our time.
    21st Century Rowlocks!

  3. Party Lists for the 15 year 2nd chamber elections
    Reduction of the # of seats in urban areas
    Party Lists for MEPs
    Reserved seats for Clerics
    Dismantling of the Branch-GMC-NEC Labour Party pipe-line
    Vilification of TUs by Blairites
    Refusal of Blair et al to repeal Anti TU [Thatcher] laws
    Judge Jefferies style ‘justice’ for Twittering kids, but Bonuses of £Ms for City Thieves & Spivs
    Piratization of OUR=NHS [GPs are Private Contractors !]
    Exploitation of Volunteers and Interns to occupy paid jobs

    What are you doing about it, Comrade ?
    When were you last kettled?
    Did you stand out against Blair, and now against his acolytes?

  4. The missing million. When Maggie and the Blue Reich brtought in the Poll Tax, oops Council Tax a million working class men disappeared. Many went to Spain but a lot did not. I looked at my real name, an entry in 2003 another in 2004 and that is it for the last decade.

  5. In the ‘Land of the Free and the Brave’ [USA ] not only are Prison inmates denied their vote in the Democratic process, but in certain States anyone who has ever had a prison sentence is debarred too. Guess which socio-economic and / or BAME groups that disproportionally affects …..

    In UK, we’ve already seen tens of thousands disenfranchized by the link between having to be registered for the Poll Tax (and its regressive offspring) and the right to vote.
    So :
    given ‘The People’s’ Party’s position on prisoners’ rights to vote, what will be your stance WHEN the Tories introduce this (logical) next step of “Once a non-citizen prison inmate – always a non-citizen” move to disenfranchize more of the ‘underclass’, Chavs, etc. ?

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