Are the ‘revelations’ about the LibDems in the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Christmas surprise’ much of a surprise?

I am not that surprised by the so-called revelations about the not-so-private thinking of LibDem ministers unveiled so breathlessly by the Daily Telegraph’s undercover squad.
What have we learned?
LibDem ministers have an over-blown sense of their over-weening importance (‘I can bring the Government down any time I want.’ and ‘I see myself as like Helen Suzman’)? And that’s a shock?
And that they are hypocritical?
Some of us have known that for years.

12 thoughts on “Are the ‘revelations’ about the LibDems in the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Christmas surprise’ much of a surprise?”

  1. Yes like we knew Blair-Brown (now with added Miliband) would destroy civil liberties and usher in a de facto police state. Toby, when in a deep hole stop digging. This Xmas wish has been brought to you by Ron Broxted. Beware imitations!

  2. Blair and Brown resembled Stalin, Hoxha and Hitler as nearly as Broxsted does the Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon. Whooooops!

  3. Abolition of right to silence, abolition of juries (even Marshal Stalin – bless his little Georgian cotton socks) never pulled that one, internment without trial. Oops, I have been asked if I am Max Von Sydow! Happy Xmas!!

  4. In which war was the right to silence maintained? You’ve not heard of Diplock courts? You fancy following a complex financial fraud case?

  5. I am not on an electoral roll so the chances of me following any trial are remote, n’est pas? Diplocks were brought in to prop up the Loyalist hegemony. War? The war on “terror”? Oh pulezze!

  6. Losing an argument must be enhanced by your use of puleeze?

    Have you won the Puleeze Prize yet?

  7. What, freed Tibet? No still under Peking occupation. When I mentioned this to Clare Short Special Branch goons took my photo. I am the one looks like George Clooney.

  8. No, won the Puleezeter Prize for name dropping Clare Short …

    I must say the fact that they took down your particulars somewhat puts their detailed questioning of myself (aged 14) on a CND march in 1962 into perspective …

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