BBC Election coverage: do I detect a note of bias in David Dimbleby?

I have been watching the BBC’s European Election Night coverage.  On the whole they seem to be getting more information out earlier than Sky News.

However, I am beginning to detect signs of bias from David Dimbleby.  He is sitting next to Nick Robinson.  Increasingly, as Nick Robinson speaks, David Dimbleby’s lip curls, and then he comes back to question what Nick Robinson has said.  He seems to have complete contempt for the quality of Nick Robinson’s intellectual analysis.

Surely that cannot be true?

2 thoughts on “BBC Election coverage: do I detect a note of bias in David Dimbleby?”

  1. I’m watching it too and noticed the same thing. I suspect that Nick Robinson was an underling to him in a previous life, probably a researcher.

  2. Dumblebore was a Bullingdon, Robinson merely National Chairman of the YCs in the ’80s.

    Robinson tries to appear balanced when it matters little, and to offer tendentious councel when it does. He was desperate to obtain a coup as the young Peston had with the Rock and make his career in a similar way, he is not alone, all the pretentious ones have been at that.

    I ignore both of them, don’t want to break any teeth.

    McNaughtie was ok, but we had to hear Lord Pearson now and again. The Lords must become an elected chamber asap, insufferable people are a bit less likely top become elected than appointed ones are.

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