Mayor Boris Johnson came to the House of Lords All-Party London Group (a strange mix of peers including a few ex-MPs and ex-AMs from London plus others interested and chaired by Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, son of the World War II Field Marshall).  I asked the Mayor about the duty he has under the Greater London Authority Act to promote equality of opportunity for everyone within London.  This duty is dear to my heart having moved an amendment to get something like this included in the Bill when I was a new-ish member of the House of Lords.  I was pleased to hear the Mayor say that he had realised how important this was as he had campaigned for the job around London, although surprised – perhaps only slightly – that it had not occurred to him until then.  He went on to say that he is in favour of celebrating all the major religious festivals and making progress on recruiting more black and minority ethnic police officers.  So that’s good to know.  Obiously, there will have to be a bit more to it than that though …..