Canvassing on the Campsbourne Estate

It is a sunny Sunday morning and it is an absolute delight to be canvassing on the Campsbourne Estate in Hornsey.  The Estate is the heart of the ward I represented on Haringey Council for twenty-four years and it is gratifying that, even though it is twelve years since I last stood for election here, a number of local residents still remember me fondly.

My canvassing team includes Makbule Gunes, who has been working impressively hard as one of Labour’s local Council candidates, and is greeted warmly by many local residents as we go round.  She will clearly be a superb local representative when she is elected on 6th May.

Even more gratifying are the improvements that have been brought about on the Estate as a result of a Labour Government working with a Labour Council.  Each block we visit has new windows, new entrance doors and better security.

At Wat Tyler House, I remember what that block was like when I first went there as a Council candidate in 1978 – bleak, frighteningly insecure, lifts not working and with a dismembered pigeon in the stairwell – now it is bright and welcoming.

The Labour vote is clearly holding up – and no-one mentions Nick Clegg!

Pictured below is John Healey, the Housing Minister, with Karen Jennings, our excellent Labour Parliamentary candidate, and two of the local Labour Council candidates, Makbule Gunes and Eugene Akwasi-Ayisi, outside Wat Tyler House three weeks ago.

Campsbourne visit by John Healey by Karen4HWG.

12 thoughts on “Canvassing on the Campsbourne Estate”

  1. Dear Rohen, There seems to be some confusion. Old Holborn “outed” you but the I.P address does not match. Methinks it may be D.G. Haslams ponderous hand.

  2. Why else would I be serving a writ for libel If they cannot get their IP addresses right and their information correct before launching into a tirade do you really want them as your elected representatives?

    They are toast in the High Court

    I don’t need to bother to search for any more material for evidence they keep hanging themselves each time they make any kind of outburst against me. Watch this space

  3. O’H appears to have shot himself in the foot over this. Was it just a way of smearing you by using a troll to (try and) ruin your reputation? I see the faux Ron is still on O’Hs site.

  4. I have no idea but for the record Im not bothered anymore A writ will be issued and thats the end of that

    I have 20000 postcards to deliver around the constituency Im going to be busy with all of that

    Did two roads this evening

  5. Ron: Are you Quite sure you approve of this ZanuIndependent attempt at censorship of the untruths propagated about Dr Kapur?

    Isn’t this yet another slip on the slidey slope to the Big Brother world of CCTV cameras in every car park, people telling the truth in public & etc?

    I pity those delivering on the slopes of Haringey. Still Chalet maids have votes . . .

  6. The Independent isn’t ZaNu. There was no censorship about Dr K, I never named him there. O’H has a lot of answering to do. We are already into the whole Airstrip One schtick. New spy/cctv cameras have built in listening devices (no more private conversations). Ta, Tone.

  7. Still awaiting any firm evidence that any CCTV camera in the UK has been used by any HMG or local Council Agency inappropriately. Will sniggering at car park antics count I wonder?

    The claustrophobia of the modern libertarian paranoiac must be very uncomfortable.

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