Caroline Pidgeon tells the Metropolitan Police Authority about her sheltered life

Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, Caroline Pidgeon, admitted to a Metropolitan Police Authority Committee this afternoon that she leads a very sheltered life.

This led to a collective sigh and sotto voce “Ah bless!” comments from her MPA colleagues and looks of complete bewilderment from the police officers present.

She was reacting to a report on the performance of the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards Department (the bit of the Met that polices the integrity of police officers).  The report mentioned in passing that in the last year a small number of officers had been investigated, successfully prosecuted and imprisoned for a number of offences, some of them extremely serious including blackmail, drug trafficking, theft and sexual offences.

Caroline Pidgeon told the meeting that she was “shocked” by this revelation – presumably she had managed to miss the fairly wide news coverage given to each of the cases concerned.

However, as she told us and she is after all a councillor in Southwark and LibDem Parliamentary candidate for Vauxhall, “These sort of things simply don’t happen in my world.”

One thought on “Caroline Pidgeon tells the Metropolitan Police Authority about her sheltered life”

  1. On arrival at London City Airport the heavily armed police (auditioning for True Grit, were they?) I observed spent their time chatting up air stewardesses and talking amongst themselves.

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