Commissioner-designate sets a collaborative tone at Metropolitan Police Authority meeting

The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session and Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM is in the Chair.  The Commissioner-designate, Bernard Hogan-Howe, is answering questions (still wearing the Deputy Commissioner uniform – he doesn’t formally take up his new post until 26th September).

The Commissioner-designate was clearly keen to set a collaborative tone.  Asked by John Biggs AM what thought he had given about how he would relate to the London Assembly with its enhanced scrutiny role once the Police Authority is abolished, Bernard Hogan-Howe immediately said that he wanted to work closely with the group set up under Joanne McCartney AM that is scoping out how the new scrutiny arrangements will work.  Then, in answer to Jennette Arnold AM, he undertook to ensure that senior-level liaison would be reestablished with the Morgan family.

The Commissioner-designate appeared relaxed and answered questions confidently without entering into too many firm commitments at this stage.  However, his approach is becoming clearer: “You can pilot things to death or you can just get on with it”.

One thought on “Commissioner-designate sets a collaborative tone at Metropolitan Police Authority meeting”

  1. Was it Cameron or May who claimed the successful candidate had impressed with his “conservative” thought?

    Pragmatism more like from the sound of it

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