My webmaster (a grand title for a really nice guy who is also really good on sorting out websites for novices like me) has been cyber-squatting but for a sound political purpose.  He has demonstrated that the new European Conservatives and Reformists Group – the strange alliance that the British Tories have joined in the European Parliament – has no web presence.  So he registered one for them:  More than three months later, there is still no official ECRG web presence.

It does highlight what a nonsense (albeit a damaging nonsense to the UK’s prestige in Europe) the Conservative Party’s stance in the European Parliament has become. 

Iain Dale has been banging on about how wonderful the Tories’ new online strategy is going to be.  If it is so good and so expert, you might have expected them to make sure that their presence in Europe also reflected this expertise.  But then again, perhaps the UK’s largest market just doesn’t matter to them.

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