David Lipsey’s “In the Corridors of Power” is a great read

I have just finished reading the book by my Lords’ colleague, David Lipsey, “In the Corridors of Power“.  It is a great read: lucid and clear as you would expect from someone with his journalistic pedigree and full of crisp insightful comments on the policy issues of the last forty years with which he has engaged.

His account of working for a trade union in the 1970s and then being one of the first SpAds (long before the term was coined) is hugely enjoyable, as are his portraits of Tony Crosland, Roy Jenkins, Jim Callaghan and the other figures that he has worked with.

The book is also a must read for those who want to understand the realities of being a member of the House of Lords and the limits to what you can achieve.  It is also a concise primer on House of Lords reform, changing the voting system, the finance of social care and many other topics from the funding of the BBC to the politics of greyhound racing.

Buy it and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “David Lipsey’s “In the Corridors of Power” is a great read”

  1. His Economics textbook was an expensive alternative to Samuelson in the 1960s. I suspect m’library will be glad to ensure they order it.

  2. just finished reading this which I bought on your recommendation. A excellent read including some interesting insights into Lambeth in the 70s when I was much too young to know what was going on. Thanks for the recommendation and hope you are well

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