The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session and Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM DCiC* and Putative Deputy MOPC** (pronounced “Mopsy”) is in the Chair.

As usual the meeting began with the grandly-titled Chairman’s Update – a list of items of good news and congratulations with a description of the last few weeks in the life of Kit Malthouse.

Normally, the Putative Deputy MOPC reads his report in a monotone with his head down – the contents already having been circulated.

This meeting paragraph 5 – with slightly strange grammar – recorded:

“thanks goes (go?  and to whom?) for the smooth policing of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in London and fireworks on the Thames, which involved the deployment of 3,200 officers and 68 police staff.”

However, there was a deviation from the circulated text and the celebrations were described as:

“increasingly burdensome”.

So is this a bid to tell Mayor Boris Johnson that at the end of this year there should be no more “panem et circenses” (“bread and circuses”, Juvenal cAD100)?

Apparently, the Putative Deputy MOPC wants to enter the 2012 London Elections as the “Grinch Who Stole New Year“.

*Dog Catcher in Chief

**Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime

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