Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse takes on a new title

Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse is very keen that no-one should forget how important he is.
This afternoon there was a joint meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority’s Strategic and Operational Policing Committee and Finance and Resources Committee. Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse sat in on the meeting. This is not his usual practice but BBC London (with camera) were in attendance and he no doubt wanted to keep an eye on the LibDem AMs* who were grandstanding for a wider audience.
However, he clearly felt it important that in putting his name on the Members’ signing-on sheet he should emphaasise his special status: so against his name he described himself (in block capitals) as ‘CHAIR OF THE ENTIRE AUTHORITY’. A new title, but it leaves us in no doubt …

*Caroline Pidgeon is particularly keen to secure the top position on the LibDems London-wide Assembly list.

3 thoughts on “Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse takes on a new title”

  1. Caroline Pidgeon has already secured the top-spot on the Lib Dems London-wide Assembly list, as announced last December. Your logic would therefore appear to be faulty.

  2. I am of course delighted for her. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on the internal politics of the LibDems (a minority interest). It must have been something else that attracted Kit Malthouse to the meeting.

  3. Lord Harris,

    Thank you for this update on the MPA SOP Committee. The words ‘CHAIR OF THE ENTIRE AUTHORITY’ are very telling indeed.

    I hope that the AM will do all they can to keep Mr Malthouse in check, ensuring that he is working alongside the Commissioner to serve all Londoners with the aim of making it a safer and better city. We can only hope he keeps the politics out of policing, or is that too naive.

    Best wishes


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