The “Digital Britain” report, published today has an excellent section on “Digital Security and Safety”.  The report makes it clear that there will definitely be a national Cyber Security Strategy, something I have been calling for for some time, when it says:


“The UK’s National Security Strategy describes how ‘cyber security’ cuts across almost all the national security challenges that it identifies, and the need to address them in a coherent way. To this end, the Government is developing a Cyber Security Strategy to build a safe, secure and resilient cyber space for the UK, through both the beneficial exploitation of cyber space and the reduction of risks posed by those who seek to do the UK harm: the forthcoming Cyber Security Strategy will set out how the Government intends to approach this task.”

This is an extremely welcome development.  When Lord Stephen Carter made his statement introducing the report in the House of Lords this afternoon, I asked him when the Strategy might be issued and he said he hoped it would be ready by the end of July.

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