Does the Commissioner’s edict on single patrolling apply to police horses?

I am a supporter of the edict from Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson (SPS to his private office) that under normal circumstances police officers should patrol singly when on foot.  Two (or more) police walking along together tend to be looking at each other and chatting rather than looking around and engaging with the public.  Senior officers (who tend to be driven around) are now encouraged to bring their cars to a screeching halt if they see two officers walking along together and ask them why they are not patrolling singly (and presumably to produce any risk assessment that tells them not to).

This morning I happened to see two police officers patrolling on horseback sedately in central London.  Very picturesque.  Good for tourism and all that.  However, they were riding along side by side and talking to each other (the officers not the horses).  There was a queue of traffic following along behind (slowly).

If I had been a senior officer (and I am sure that it’s a good thing that I’m not), would I have been expected to stop and confront the officers and tell them to patrol separately?

I don’t know.  It is just idle speculation.  I’m not that bothered ….

7 thoughts on “Does the Commissioner’s edict on single patrolling apply to police horses?”

  1. Lord HARRIS,

    Okay I am on patrol on my own on my horse and see two people who I wish to speak to. So I get off my horse and use my strong hand to hold onto it. This leaves me with one hand to us my radio, OST equipment and make written notes. Plus I have 30 plus stone of animal to control. Not so easy and not so desirable.

    The Commissioners single patrol policy will lead to fewer people being stopped, searched and arrested. The street criminals will soon see that Police are out on their own and feel free to attack and assault Police when they want to avoid arrest.

    One day someone will die on duty because of this policy, my conscience will be clear. I cannot say the same for those who support this policy who have little or no knowledge of the implications of it on those who are the most likely to suffer from it.

  2. A Plod that can read and write, how unique. I recall from my stint at Brixton 81 & the Miners strike mounted police hated ball-bearings under the hooves. Once in the saddle one could wrench their feet out of the stirrup and turn hard, this concentrated the enemies minds wonderfully.

  3. A Plod that can read and write, how unique – yes it is, perhaps that is down to the three Universities I have obtained qualifications from. Oh and as for deliberately trying to hurt horses, my, you must be so proud.

  4. Took you a month to reply. Are you that slow fitting up innocent men? Three Universities? In your case probably Chichester, Hertfordshire plus another (expletive deleted) hole. Finally, horses. I am kind to animals. Help old ladies cross the road. One thing that gets me is having plod call me a n*g*r loving (expletive deleted).

  5. Yes a whole month, I am sorry, I did not realise we were on a stopwatch. I have been on holiday and bust at work, trying to arrest and gather sufficient evidence to ensure successful conviction.

    Yes, I can count too.

    Glad to see you help innocent creatures and old folks, and I never insulted you, so why treat me with such little respect?

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