Early morning Kit Malthouse shuns protection

The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session and Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM DCiC*, Chair of the MPA and putative Deputy MOPC**, is in the Chair.

As usual he began the meeting by outlining his recent doings.  Clearly, the high spot of the last month – and he deviated from his script to describe it, almost rubbing his hands together with glee – was his participation on a raid that took place at 4.30am a few days ago.

He particularly praised the “rapid-entry team” which he had watched from “some long way behind”.

Naturally, I was concerned about the DCiC’s safety being in proximity to such an operation.  Had he worn an anti-stab vest?  He told us he had been offered one, but declined it.  However, he promised us that he could be very nimble on his feet should it have been necessary.  The MPA was duly reassured.

*    Dog-Catcher-in-Chief

**  Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime

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