Even the Daily Telegraph is now say Mayor Boris Johnson should get a grip

Ben Brogan, the Daily Telegraph’s Deputy Editor, is fed up with the tent protest at Parliament Square. 

And what is more, he is fed up with Mayor Boris Johnson’s failure to sort it out:

“Well, those of you who have long wondered about that ghost town of dirty tents lining two sides of the square might have a look at this video, which we filmed a few days ago. We used a thermal camera in the same way we did at the St Paul’s protest. If anything the result is even more damning. Turns out the ‘peace camp’ looks deserted because… it’s deserted. MPs might like to ask why the Met/Westminster Council/Boris Johnson don’t pop round and take these abandoned articles away. Either that or stop bullying us about left luggage and locked bicycles being destroyed. The Mayor should get down there this afternoon with a van and clear the lot himself.”

Strong words: “get down there this afternoon”.

Is even the Daily Telegraph beginning to realise that the Mayor needs to get a grip?

Running London is not about sound bites and photo ops – it is about doing things for London and Londoners.

Whether Londoners agree with the Daily Telegraph’s fixation about tented protests or not, they do agree that London needs a Mayor who takes the job seriously and really does care about the city.

2 thoughts on “Even the Daily Telegraph is now say Mayor Boris Johnson should get a grip”

  1. Bojo best jump into the Bojomobile and shake the tent dwellers down for their Council Tax …

    Brogan was the Dully exec chosen to carry the can for receiving the stolen unredacted Fees Office info re MPs’ expenses. My acc gangs awry when I mention that there …

  2. After Tahrir Square it is time to import “Egypt fever”. BoJo would do better to capitalize on the sleaze that Lee Jasper brought to Ken Livingstone, quite a few skeletons in that closet;)

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