Ex-Deputy Mayor Ian Clement has form ….

Ex-Deputy Mayor Ian Clement – now apparently being referred to the Metropolitan Police for his expenses “problems” – was, until he was appointed to Mayor Johnson’s administration in 2008, the London Council’s portfolio holder on “Crime and Public Protection”.  Do I detect a less-than subtle irony about all of this?

3 thoughts on “Ex-Deputy Mayor Ian Clement has form ….”

  1. Ian Clement not only has form, he is top of it in such matters.

    Not surprising that the Guaradinid pots the Beeb rather than B Johnson, is it Toby?

    The BBC director general, whom they attempt to pillory for charging for his and his family’s emergency return home for him to cope with a BBC crisis, doesn’t seem to be in the know about such matters, unlike the recently sacked scunner Ian Clement, one of B Johnson’s ex execs.

    Johnson B (Eton and Bullingdon) has now lost over half his senior execs in a year, mostly through sackings of those whom he mistakenly took on, some without proper checks.

    Ian Clement should have looked like a scunner to anyone with a moral compass. Bexley spent £7,000 on FREE training him in leadership skills shortly before Johnson took him on. How so?

    “The man charged with extracting ‘maximum value’ from City Hall’s relationship with local boroughs was slammed this week after charging taxpayers £7000 to pay for his leadership course in America.

    “Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor Government Relations Ian Clement was allowed to attend the course free of charge, but decided to put all the costs of his flights and hotel expenses onto the public purse.”


    “Ian Clement argued that his cuts to Meals on Wheels, community safety budgets and the enormous increases in car parking charges were made to deliver value for money to residents. However at the same time, he spent thousands of pounds on trips to America.”

    This was Before Johnson decided to engage him a year ago, and Since then he has been sacked for misuse of City Hall’s credit card, Met investigating.

    F – u – u – u – u – u – nny how The BBC guy rates soo much more attention – eh? £2K vs £7K, emergency flight home vs freeloading?

    Perhaps the billionaire press and their followers have a bigger beef with the BBC than with B Johnson (Cameron’s choice as London Mayor, and former Old Etonian and Bullingdon compadre . . . )

  2. Well Lord Harris.

    I agree that scum like ex postman Ian Clement is corrupt but how about you?

    Where is your moral compass? All those who desire power become corrupted by it. Whether they started out as working class or whatever class.

    From Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher.

    From Neil Kinnock (poor old Neil – marxist firebrand I believe he used to be known as) to Tony Blair (pure scum) you all desire power because of a personality flaw – there is psychological evidence to back this hypothesis. The mix of this and any power you attain leads to people like Clement and yourself pontificating on how people should lead their lives because you think you know.

    Anybody who ends up in the house of Lords especially a Labour Lord has become corrupt and has forgotten any principles they may have once had.

    Quite amusing to hear you criticising Clement. You are cut from the same cloth and you don’t even realise it.

  3. Always amusing to read the beginnings of posts by those who affect obscene abuse: whence such such outpourings flow, off course . . . .

    Looks like King Rat will be in the dock for lying about Clement’s City Hall credit card abuses. He had rowlocked the scunner, and later denied knowing owt was amiss . . .

    And Chameleon was hoping that Bojo’s administration would be a silver grail to exemplar his own aspirations too.

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