Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – III

  • 900,000 pensioners lifted out of poverty
  • 500,000 children lifted out of relative poverty and measures already in train will lift a further 500,000 children out of poverty
  • free TV licences for over-75s
  • the New Deal has helped over 2 million people into work
  • over 3 million Child Trust Funds have been started

One thought on “Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – III”

  1. Laughing loudly Ron shakes his head. New Deal? Last time I stood in a DSS office they were knocking natives off. Pourquoi? 2 million Poles and East Europeans. Translator? £180 per hour. Dole £60 per week. 3 UK citizens dole equals an hour of getting Mr & Mrs Kowalkskis forms filled. Oh, who lied about the number of Slavs here? I was told less than 100 claimants in ’09. S’funny but there were that number in ONE office I attended. I didn’t come down the Lagan on a cabbage leaf!

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