Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – V

  • more young people attending university than ever before
  • more than doubled the number of apprenticeships starts, with figures for 2008/9 showing 234,000 started an apprenticeship this year compared to 75,000 in 1997
  • in 1997 more than half of all schools saw less than 30% of thier pupils fail to get 5 good GCSEs including English and Maths; now only 270 schools fail this benchmark and we are guaranteeing that no school should fail this mark after 2011
  • we have increased school funding to support the delivery of higher standards: between 1997/8 and 2009/10, total funding per pupil has more than doubled from £3,030 to £6,350 in real terms – an increase of 110%
  • the Northern Ireland Peace Process

6 thoughts on “Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – V”

  1. Yes peace in Northern Ireland, I noticed in when I passed the barricades and burned out cars last month. 50% in 3rd level education, but can half the population “cut it”?

  2. I sometimes fear that some sort of public school indoctrination is a prerequisite for most extreme right wing commenters, but there are still some failing state schools.

  3. Marvellous how Labour can send their offspring to private schools. Did Harriet Harman send her precious junior to the slum school in her constituency that I attended? Did she….

  4. Quite mistaken. Most parents do have the power to improve a slum. And some do.

    Most do ignore the plights of their neighbours, Labour MPs far less than most others.

    The screaming left and the raving right have a far poorer record than those, like Brown & Harman, who have achieved much particularly for women in the past 3 parliaments.

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