Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – VI

  • The UK is now smoke-free, with no smoking in most enclosed public places
  • The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are now 21% below 1990 levels, beating our Kyoto target
  • Over £20 billion invested in bringing social housing to decent standards
  • Rough sleeping has dropped by two-thirds and homelessness is at its lowest level since the early 1980s
  • Free off-peak travel on buses anywhere in England for over-60s and disabled people

2 thoughts on “Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – VI”

  1. Amazing that any tories oppose any of the means to these achievements. Are they still claiming to be dedicated to progress?

    Funny folk, tories.

  2. I agree with smoke free pubs. Rough sleeping? Housing priority to the 2 million Poles who came in overnight. I know, I saw it in England and Northern Ireland.

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