Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – VII

  • Since 1997 overall crime is down 36%; domestic burglary is down 54%; vehicle related crime is down by 57%; and violent crime is down 41%
  • a new flexible points-based system to ensure only those economic migrants who have the skills our economy needs can come to work in the UK
  • Police numbers up by 16,000 since 1997, alongside more than 16,000 Police Community Support Officers
  • Every community now has its own dedicated neighbourhood police team, easily contactable by the people who live in that community and working with them to agree local priorities and deal with people’s concerns
  • Equalised the age of consent and repealed Section 28

3 thoughts on “Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – VII”

  1. Introduction over nearly 4000 new laws, roughly one a day since ZaNuLabour took over. Criminalization of protest, photography made illegal, retention of DNA illegal contrary to Marper verdict, shoot to kill policy (de Menezes & Tomlinson), greatest number of unexplained deaths in custody in Europe, arrest of Maya Evans for reading names of war dead, Sgt Smellie, resurgence of CIRA I could go on…

  2. Broxted writes elsewhere that he looks forward to returning to England. I wonder that the planet is still his home.

    If he has sojourned in Zimbabwe he will find few similarities.

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