Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – VIII

  • Through the introduction of civil partnerships, Labour has for the first time given legal recognition to same-sex partners. Gay couples now have the same inheritance, pension and next-of-kin rights as married couples.
  • More than doubled Britain’s overseas aid budget.  UK aid helps lift an estimated three million people out of poverty every year.
  • Cancelled up to 100% of debt for the world’s poorest countries.
  • Britain now has more offshore wind capacity than any other country in the world.  Wind last year provided enough electricity to power 2 million homes.
  • Launched the £1.5 billion Housing Pledge to speed up the delivery of new affordable housing and embarked on the biggest programme of council house building for twenty years.

One thought on “Five of the top fifty Labour achievements since 1997 – VIII”

  1. You’re doing a great job here Toby.

    When you come to promote the manifesto I promise not to bang on about electing the Lords and AV all the time.

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