General Medical Council suspends George Osborne’s brother from practicing medicine

The General Medical Council has tonight suspended Adam Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor’s brother, from practicing medicine for six months.  The GMC has taken this action “to protect public interest”.

The Chair of the Panel who made the decision said that Osborne “seemed unable to grasp that an act of dishonesty remained an act of dishonesty”.

The incidents that led to the suspension apparently arose from a meeting between Osborne and an escort girl in a hospital car park.  According to the BBC:

“On 12 May 2008, the escort girl named as “Miss B” in court met Dr Osborne in the hospital car park.

She had earlier discharged herself from another hospital and was suffering from hallucinations as the result of heavy cocaine use.

Dr Osborne wrote out a prescription for anti-psychotic drugs haloperidol and lorazepam and falsified parts of the form because he only knew her first name.

He was denied the drugs when hospital staff could not match the patient’s name, so Dr Osborne drove to a pharmacy for the drugs.”


“He had earlier admitted acting inappropriately in relation to the private prescription and one for his then-girlfriend and a family member.”

One thought on “General Medical Council suspends George Osborne’s brother from practicing medicine”

  1. As you may know, during the leadership election in which he acted as David Cameron’s campaign manager, an allegation, supported by the word of the girl and a photograph published by the News of the World was brought that George Osborne took cocaine with a prostitute.

    He denied this, saying that he had not taken cocaine or had sexual intercourse with the girl, and that he had been acting on behalf of a friend, whom she was blackmailing.

    This allegation was repeated (and again denied) in the Macbride emails, which were published by the Sunday Times and the News of the World. No libel suit has been forthcoming on these matters, although as a multi millionaire many times over George Osborne would be well able to afford such.

    We know that Boris Johnson’s best friend in the socially exclusive restaurant smashing Bullingdon Club at Oxford (of which Osborne & Cameron were also members) was Darius Guppy, who became a convicted fraudster, was also a member of the still more exclusive Piers Gaveston Society, renowned for hiring many, many prostitutes for public orgies.

    Mrs Osborne sought an apology and threatened a libel suit against the Sunday Times and Macbride on her own behalf for the allegations that she was “nervous” etc.

    The blogger Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes claimed to have served papers on Macbride on behalf of Nadine Dorries MP, who was libeled in the Macbride emails, and boasted of his earnings therefrom.

    Questions have arisen arising from Mrs Dorries’ claims for parliamentary expenses for legal expenses since then, but it seems unlikely these include the same fee.

    A soap opera may be possible after they are all gone.

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