The General Medical Council has tonight suspended Adam Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor’s brother, from practicing medicine for six months.  The GMC has taken this action “to protect public interest”.

The Chair of the Panel who made the decision said that Osborne “seemed unable to grasp that an act of dishonesty remained an act of dishonesty”.

The incidents that led to the suspension apparently arose from a meeting between Osborne and an escort girl in a hospital car park.  According to the BBC:

“On 12 May 2008, the escort girl named as “Miss B” in court met Dr Osborne in the hospital car park.

She had earlier discharged herself from another hospital and was suffering from hallucinations as the result of heavy cocaine use.

Dr Osborne wrote out a prescription for anti-psychotic drugs haloperidol and lorazepam and falsified parts of the form because he only knew her first name.

He was denied the drugs when hospital staff could not match the patient’s name, so Dr Osborne drove to a pharmacy for the drugs.”


“He had earlier admitted acting inappropriately in relation to the private prescription and one for his then-girlfriend and a family member.”

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