Hard to put down: Chris Mullin’s “Decline and Fall”

I have spent several hours this weekend – to be honest, more than I intended – finishing reading Chris Mullin’s second volume of diaries, “Decline and Fall” – the excellent follow up to “A View from the Foothills”.  I had thought that without the vignettes of (junior) ministerial life, it might be less interesting than its predecessor.  In fact, I found I could hardly put it down.  His account of the last days of Pompeii (editorial note: this is a metaphor) remained riveting and his accounts of those events where I too was present were unerringly accurate and beutifully described.  So, if you’ve not already bought it, I recommend you get it for yourself as an early Christmas present.

13 thoughts on “Hard to put down: Chris Mullin’s “Decline and Fall””

  1. He was also an outstanding constituency member: my ex wife – a head teacher then – and a Dr friend senior in his faith’s religious organisation had nothing but praise for him.

  2. What has the poor old …… ever done to you?

    Why don’t you kidnap him and make him a TV celeb? Force him onto I was an MP get me out of there .. Or feed him to Lord Sugar?

    I suppose the fitting tribute is to buy his book before they remainder it. Or insist the library buys a second copy.

  3. Crackerjack’s cameras lingered over my visage in the early ’60s …

    … the child John Wayne of my era.

    No, let Mullin rule the radio.

  4. I know you claim a deprived childhood etc but I doubt they put Muffin on the wireless in inner London.

  5. Yes Q, the reality that I was brought up on a huge estate in Surrey, attended a (minor) public school and went off the rails (like the Buddha) after seeing poverty…

  6. Aha! So your fabian parents did force you to read the Dandy and listen to wireless marionettes …

    Depravity explains all.

  7. My parents, the Duke and Duchess of Kirkcudbright made me read the Beano. I have fond memories of nanny buttering scones as Listen With Mother came on…

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