Head in hands after only five minutes of the Metropolitan Police Authority

It is the Annual Meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority and Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM, putative Deputy Mopsy*, is in the Chair.

And the Deputy Mopsy has already had a head-in-hands moment after only five minutes.

It started off with Clive Lawton challenging the figures for his meeting attendance in the last year. He was recorded as being at only three of the five meetings of the sub-committee he chairs. He pointed out that he had been at four and that on the occasion of the fifth he had turned up at the correct time only to discover that the other members had got there early and had the meeting without him. Victoria Borwick muttered that perhaps the other members were trying to tell him something and I pointed out it was unlawful for a public body to meet and take decisions before the time published for the meeting (surely an issue for a POLICE authority).

The Deputy Mopsy then proposed that his report be taken as read, only to be told that we would if we had seen it.
“Never mind. Any questions?”
“What? On a report we haven’t got?”
“All right, I’ll read it out…… Oh, I don’t seem to have a copy either.”
At this point the Deputy Mopsy put his head in his hands …….

*Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime

One thought on “Head in hands after only five minutes of the Metropolitan Police Authority”

  1. My parish council in the ’80s had similar quirks:

    Before Labour took an interest an SLD (then referred to as salads now Lib-Dems) Cllr persuaded the council to choose the design for the new community hall and thereby the contractor which tendering method upset the audit commission

    The Clerk increased his hours and tool to leaving meetings early informing councillors that they would not be minuted and were wasting their time

    It got so bad the local Tory journo refused to attend further meetings even when the salad defected to Tory and resigned to lose a by-election.

    Slippery slope, Toby . . .

    And they want Less scrutiny, do they?

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