I am really worried about Tom Harris ….

I see my namesake, Tom Harris, (I receive a lot of his emails on the Parliamentary system), claims NEVER to have seen “Gone with the Wind” or “Casablanca”.  While sitting through “Gone with the Wind” is an ordeal it has, however, been pretty inescapable on television – particularly on public holidays over the years.  As for “Casablanca” that has to be one of the most enduring films of all time, one which can still be relished on repeated viewing, and again has been pretty inescapable on television.  Something wrong here surely …..

3 thoughts on “I am really worried about Tom Harris ….”

  1. I am NOT pleased with Mr Harris. He has twice spiked posts in a thread he started on his blog – apparently on the specious grounds that they were “factually wrong” – they were completely accurate – or “too offensive” – ie inconvenient to Tom Harris.

    He thus allows only one side of an argument to be put – the one convenient to Mr Harris’s original point of view.

    It’s not how one expects an MP to behave.

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