I find it difficult to be sympathetic to the British man whose genitals were fried in Crete

Normally, I would be quite squeamish about the idea of someone having his genitals drenched in Sambuca and then having them set on fire and I would be cringing with sympathy for the man concerned.  However, the story of  Stuart Feltham leaves me singularly unmoved.

His version of events is that he was having a quiet night out with a few friends at the end of his holiday in Crete when a women suddenly appeared, poured something over him and set it alight.

Her version of events – and the women in question is being feted as a national heroine in Greece for the defence of her honour – is that he was drunkenly propositioning her, grabbed her breasts and buttocks, and then exposed himself to her.  She threw her drink at him and walked away, only discovering later that he had (stray cigarette?) caught alight.

Obviously, I don’t know what happened, but I know which version sounds more plausible.

I also know that too many British people behave atrociously when they go away on holiday and that many European resorts are trying to restrict the heavy-boozing and boorish behaviour of their UK visitors.  Frying the worst offenders’ genitalia may seem a little harsh, but I suspect it would make them pause for thought ….

One thought on “I find it difficult to be sympathetic to the British man whose genitals were fried in Crete”

  1. I doubt either version of the story is true.

    Anyone who drinks sambuca needs a very strong sense of self deprecatory humour I have observed.

    My best ever New Year’s Eve was spent on the Costa Del with wife and most of our family. The party in and around the town square went on til after younger daughter and I set out for “home” and, despite ridiculously large quantities of alcohol, including sambuca for those who lack taste buds and sense, there was No Trouble Whatsoever. I didn’t even argue. Much.

    There were massive cages for those who wished to throw fireworks about. There was live music, dancing girls, dancing nonagenarians.

    Messrs Johnson Alan and B, and the Greek authorities should despatch their emissaries to make careful inquiries. It may just be that family centered societies operate more resourcefully, and that their teenagers know how to dip out quietly?

    The popular prints will no doubt be quoting Jerry lee Lewis until we all wish we had been consumed by hell fire long ago . . .

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