I was right about the Shadow Cabinet “funnel” effect

The Shadow Cabinet election results show that I was right about the Shadow Cabinet “funnel” effect.  Eight women have been elected (42%) to join the three women who are ex officio members of the Shadow Cabinet (Deputy Leader Harriet Harman, Commons Chief Whip Rosie Winterton, and Labour Lords Leader Jan Royall).

All in all many excellent candidates elected (although a few of those who would have been my choices have just missed out), but there is no question that this will be a strong team.

One thought on “I was right about the Shadow Cabinet “funnel” effect”

  1. Caroline Flint? Is that the one all the guys want to cowp? Hillary Benn? Is that the one who ensured his 17 yr old daughter was selected for an M.Ps safe seat? Bramshill delenda est.

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