I wonder whether there would be an answer in the UK?

A recent US Congressional Hearing tried to establish the answer to the question:

If a sophisticated cyber-attack occurred against the United States financial systems, who would coordinate the response?”

You might think that this straightforward question would get a simple answer, but apparently the answer it produced was:

“We’re in the process to building out a national cyber incident response plan, and that plan would more clearly define roles and responsibilities of the different departments and agencies.”

Pressed again by the Congressmen, the witnesses acknowledged:

I think that’s one of the challenges that needs to be addressed: Who is actually in charge? With the White House cybersecurity coordinator in place now, what is his role relative to at DHS? I think that is certainly a valid challenge that still remains to be addressed.”

However, if it is confused in the United States, I would be surprised if there was any clarity if the same question was asked in the UK.

I might table a Parliamentary Question and see.


One thought on “I wonder whether there would be an answer in the UK?”

  1. I recall when, in the 1980s HMG were much exercised by the possibility of nuclear catastrophe, which, it was fondly imagined, many would survive and seek to rebuild the same Great Britain.

    The District Council to which I was later elected was required to make contingency plans for nuclear attack.

    A Labour Councillor of considerable ferocity was given the task of co-ordinating transport. She could not drive.

    On the principal which can be inferred from this example I expect that Michael Gove will even now be enlisting the help of some Jesuit Monsigneur in our Cyber Defence.

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