A recent US Congressional Hearing tried to establish the answer to the question:

If a sophisticated cyber-attack occurred against the United States financial systems, who would coordinate the response?”

You might think that this straightforward question would get a simple answer, but apparently the answer it produced was:

“We’re in the process to building out a national cyber incident response plan, and that plan would more clearly define roles and responsibilities of the different departments and agencies.”

Pressed again by the Congressmen, the witnesses acknowledged:

I think that’s one of the challenges that needs to be addressed: Who is actually in charge? With the White House cybersecurity coordinator in place now, what is his role relative to at DHS? I think that is certainly a valid challenge that still remains to be addressed.”

However, if it is confused in the United States, I would be surprised if there was any clarity if the same question was asked in the UK.

I might table a Parliamentary Question and see.


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