Identifying the looters and rioters – do you know these people?

The violent scenes in London in the last few days have been appalling and shocking.  There can be no excuse for the violence and vandalism.  In some cases, this will force the closure of the small businesses that have been targetted.  And the stigma and blight that will fall on some areas of the capital will make it even more difficult for local councils trying to strengthen and build sustainable local economies in the most deprived areas of our city.

The immediate task is, of course, to restore order to our streets.  And as part of this, the Metropolitan Police has started to put on line photographs of those suspected of being involved in some of the disorder and looting.  These hooligans need to be brought to justice.  So, do you know any of these people?

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2 thoughts on “Identifying the looters and rioters – do you know these people?”

  1. There is a twitter page set up with the aim of collating all images of these looters in the hope they are recognised and caught. @wantedrioters

  2. While the original shooting was of a black man and the peaceful demo was no doubt principally of his friends and relatives Mary Riddell in today’s DT finds quite a lot of White faces processing through the courts.

    People rioted and/or looted for various reasons.

    Notable that the Tory BBC is bigging up Cameron’s tardy and pitiful responses: the police numbers had been increased before he left Tuscany, and Superman isn’t available to use the water cannon.

    PR as usual and a supine media.

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