If it is good enough for Sarkozy, will it be good enough for the Conservative Coalition?

The House of Lords is about to start its consideration of the Bill to cut the number of MPs in the House of Commons by around 8%.  So far the Conservative Coalition have resisted suggestions that if the Bill is passed the number of Ministers sitting in the House of Commons should be reduced pro rata.  Such a reduction would prevent increased domination of the House of Commons by the Executive – a point argued in the recent report of the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution.

Meanwhile, over the weekend in France President Sarkozy has restructured his Government and cut the number of Ministers by a quarter from 40 to 30.

So the French President has shown that it can be done, will the Conservative Coalition make a similar commitment?

Probably not, while they have to keep all those Ministerial slots available for their LibDem “friends”.

2 thoughts on “If it is good enough for Sarkozy, will it be good enough for the Conservative Coalition?”

  1. At least as great a problem for Chameleon is the shortage of slots for thrusting young turks on the back benches, whom he would rather have in the tent …

    Some must have been very disappointed, like Housing Minister Grant Shapps who must have expected to be in the cabinet .. but …

    The principal result is likely to be revolts on the EU and tax my guess. This coalition may fail on Tory defections over adherence to slightly sane policies on those matters.

  2. I talked with Shapps about false rape allegations (in the noose again) what with no anonymity for men. Bit illegal n’est pas? His manor is Hertfordshire “University” whose actions will cost the U.K taxpayer greatly what with Marper being implemented by Strasbourg.

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