If you want to know the way to Tottenham, don’t ask a policeman

Good to see van-loads of police officers from Gloucestershire and Cumbria in London today to support their Metropolitan Police colleagues in the event of any attempt to turn Mark Duggan’s funeral in Tottenham into some form of violent outrage. 

The Police were trying not to be provocative and the funeral itself was the subject of comparatively low-key policing.

So that is presumably why the van-loads of reinforcements that I saw were parked in Petty France outside the Ministry of Justice – a mere 9.4 miles from Tottenham (see how long that takes on a Friday evening).

2 thoughts on “If you want to know the way to Tottenham, don’t ask a policeman”

  1. Toby,

    I expect the Met PSUs were nearer to Tottenham, although the Daily mail reported on an assembly area @ Alexandra Palace, but then one lesson of August is that trouble can spread quickly.

    The bigger question is why the Met still requires mutual aid from faraway constabularies, such as Cumbria.

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