In the past a Border Agency scandal like this would have led to Ministerial resignations

The announcement that Brodie Clark and other senior officials at the Border Agency have been suspended is dramatic, but in the past anything like this would have led to Ministerial resignations.

It certainly happened when Beverley Hughes unwittingly misled people over failures in the immigration service and issues about the (non-)deportation of foreign prisoners led to Charles Clarke leaving the Government in 2006.

So my guess is that Damian Green is spending a nervous weekend waiting for Number Ten’s call.



4 thoughts on “In the past a Border Agency scandal like this would have led to Ministerial resignations”

  1. Borders are very porous now, Britain being an island has nothing to do with it. Profiling is all – your “border guards” concentrate on Ali, Faisul and Mehmet leaving those who do not fit the profile to get through. I look forward to my next trip to England before the end of November.

  2. Damian Green was a Westminster lobbyist for hire. When the snout he planted at the Home Office was blown the not anti Labour part if the Met tried to search his files at his office in the Commons to universal and foolish uproar IMHO.

    Cameron will try to hang onto him in some role. He may have whatever it is Osborne has on the Bullingdon eel.

    Beeb says Clark went re previous immigration scandal.

    As per Fox we await news that the Tory front bench have all bonked Sam to be sure anyone will .. Er .. ermm .. Spend more time with their banknotes.

  3. Matron will be making a statement. Something like: “I hope the civil servants and those of their ilk whom I sack will be sufficient to endure I retain my chance of succeeding that twerp Camewrong.”

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