Information Commissioner’s rush to meet his performance targets provides script for David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions

I have just come from a meeting addressed by the Information Commissioner.  As an aside, he told us that the end of his reporting year – 31st March – is next week and that he is rushing through adjudications on Freedom of Information Act appeals, so that he can improve his performance statistics before the year-end.

As Information Commissioner adjudications seemed to have provided the bulk of the (limited) substance of the Leader of the Opposition’s contributions to Prime Minister’s Questions earlier in the day, one cannot help but wonder what David Cameron would have done without them (his questioning was  otherwise rather thin on substantive attack lines).

In any event, the Information Commissioner seems to be promising more adjudications over the next week – although he didn’t indicate the subject matter.  Assuming there is a PMQs in the week after Easter and given that Nick Clegg seems to working hard at his David Cameron-lite look, we now know where the Leader of the Liberal Democrats will be looking for his inspiration …..

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