Iran’s nuclear programme – I am not reassured by the Russian link

The BBC reports today on the loading of the first nuclear fuel at the Bushehr reactor in Iran tell us that the international community can be reassured on the basis that (1) the nuclear fuel rods are all being supplied by Russia and (2) the spent rods and waste will go back to Russia.

At the risk of sounding like an unreconstructed cold warrior, I have to confess to not finding this at all reassuring.

Why does Russia want to do this and what do they expect to get out of it?

And as for the waste, the work I have been doing in recent months on the safeguards (or lack of them) at reprocessing plants hardly makes any of this sound any better.

Please somebody persuade me that this is good news ….

2 thoughts on “Iran’s nuclear programme – I am not reassured by the Russian link”

  1. Russia wants to extend its power and influence in Central Asia. They expect to have the Iranians insidfe the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in. It is good news, a rapprochment taking in the Kremlin and Tehran.

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