Is Met Forward going to be pulped or is the Human Trafficking Team safe at last

There is widespread concern amongst members of the Metropolitan Police Authority about the future of the specialist Met unit dedicated to combatting human trafficking.  The fear is that the moves to mainstream the work of the unit into the 32 Borough Commands will not only dilute the expertise, but is also a disguised cost-cutting move.  Mayor Boris Johnson has said that he is keen to ensure “the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of work on human trafficking in the run up to the Olympics”.

Imagine then the excitement in the Members’ Room of the MPA when pure gold is discovered deep in that widely-disseminated (if not yet as widely-read) document “Met Forward“.

Met Forward is the definitive statement of what the Boris Johnson Mayorality stands for in terms of policing.  Every word within it has been carefully crafted by the Uber Vice Chairman Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM (the UVCDMKMAM), the document is now driving MPA policy and strategy, and the expectation is that the Met should be taking it at least as seriously as the Commissioner’s 5Ps (that is “Pride, Presence, Purity, Posture and Pugilism” as the Mayor insists on describing it).

So what does the Bible/Met Forward say?

It couldn’t be clearer:

“We will also continue to fund unique projects such as the Human Trafficking team, working with the Borders Agency and Immigration to actively target gangs who bring women to the UK under false pretences or against their will.”

This is the word of Kit and Boris/The MPA has spoken: the Human Trafficking Team will NOT be disbanded.

Somebody had better tell the Commissioner.  Or else all those copies of Met Forward being distributed throughout London had better be recalled and pulped.

Do I detect a few red faces?

3 thoughts on “Is Met Forward going to be pulped or is the Human Trafficking Team safe at last”

  1. Just as well no-one’s life depends on either Broxted or Bojo’s comments on the de Menezes case . . .

    In Bojo’s case a corresponding scenario would presumably involve an unwonted investigation into his regime to simulate the effects on the Met of the London Bombings.

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