Is the bus service getting worse under Mayor Boris Johnson?

An unscientific sample of my personal experience seems to suggest that it is.  However, this is not just that I had a bad journey in this morning or even through this week.  Instead, it is a view that has been developing over several months.

One bus route I use reasonably often has had its frequency reduced from once every ten minutes during the week to once every twelve minutes – marginal in itself, but if a particular bus doesn’t run and it is raining …..

On another route that I use virtually every day, the number of times a week when there seem to be problems seems to have risen as well. 

I am not aware of any consultation on changes in the contracts with the bus companies concerned and, of course, it may just be chance, but I wonder how many other Londoners are beginning to feel that under Mayor Boris Johnson there seems to have been a deterioration of service.

By and large, the bus service remains good and efficient and is still markedly better than that which existed before the improvements instituted by the current Mayor’s predecessor.  However, I hope we are not starting down the slippery slope to what existed in the 1990s.

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