Is the Coalition Government going soft on e-Crime?

I am hearing rumours that the Coalition Government has ordered a 30% cut in the budget of the National Police e-Crime Unit in the current financial year.

If true, this will have a potentially devastating impact on the Police Service’s ability nationally to tackle the serious organised criminal gangs that are behind much e-crime in this country and to support initiatives to prevent and deter e-Crime.  

In any event, the Home Office support for the Unit was already small: only £3.5 million – so it will not even save very much.

This is in sharp contrast to the policy of the Conservatives before the General Election (when they pledged to “wage war on cyber-crime”) and the priority given to the issue by David Cameron.  It will also be a particular embarrassment to Baroness Neville-Jones, the Minister for National Security, who has taken a particular interest in cyber issues and was speaking at an event on the subject this morning.

3 thoughts on “Is the Coalition Government going soft on e-Crime?”

  1. P.C Plod is worse than useless when contacted about cyber crime, even child porn. Looking for cuts? try the police, about as much use as tits on a bull.

  2. Cuts have consequences!

    There is a difference between tightening belts – where wasteful expenditure is identified and removed & cheaper ways of achieving objectives are sought – and the ideologically motivated cutting back on what the State does.

    Our predecessors recognised that the State had a positive role to play. Without that role being played there would be the inefficiencies of the market leaving, sometime millions, of people un- & underemployed (as we saw in the 1930s – and at periods in the 1980s & 90s) – and of people’s abilities not being used (through unemployment or failure to educate them to their potential) or of the fight againgst crime being hampered;

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